Hackadrone 2018 – KMIT’s Incontrovertible Victory

Mohak Aurangabadkar and Azam Ansari

Hackadrone 2018 – India’s first UAV Hackathon – which took place from February 5-9 received close to 4500 registrations and a total of 617 proposals. Seven teams that included college students, tech professionals, and developers from across India were selected… Continue Reading →


Aishwarya Gokhale

VOYAGER 2: SAILING AMONG GIANT PLANETS Let’s gear up for reading an interesting article about theVoyager 2 spacecraft which has already traveled millions of miles in space. In late summer and early fall of 1977, twin spacecraft called Voyager 1and… Continue Reading →

Mars One Human Mission

Mahathi Sharma

    Settling on Mars! Doesn’t this sound awesome? Mars One is an organization that has predicted the human settlement on the red planet in a couple of decades. After years of research and work, they found out that Mars… Continue Reading →

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