kMITRA 4ever

It was the year of 2014, when ideas bloomed and were nurtured, our beloved fostrer child’s journey had just begun. Who knew, our little guy would grow so fast? You guessed it right, our masterpiece, ‘kMITRA’ turns FOUR this month!… Continue Reading →

Tuning In

“You are listening to All India Radio Hyderabad-B, broadcasting on 1377 kHz corresponding to 217.8 meters medium wave. This is Mahathi Sharma wishing you a very Good morning. Now the time in our studio is 4 minutes past 7 and… Continue Reading →

KMIT Faculty Excursion

More often than not, we underestimate the efforts that our lecturers put into teaching and managing us. And just like us, they too deserve a day off from their hectic schedules, to lay back, relax and simply enjoy. And such… Continue Reading →

Women’s Day Exclusive

Behind every one of their kind eyes is a story of family, careers, struggles and, most importantly, sacrifice. Leading up to Women’s Day, we talk to some of the tireless women responsible for KMIT’s growth and success every single day…. Continue Reading →

Hackadrone 2018 – KMIT’s Incontrovertible Victory

Hackadrone 2018 – India’s first UAV Hackathon – which took place from February 5-9 received close to 4500 registrations and a total of 617 proposals. Seven teams that included college students, tech professionals, and developers from across India were selected… Continue Reading →

Old friends take new roads

Isn’t it strange, How fast time flies and how people change? Looking at the present everything feels the same, but looking at the past everything feels so rearranged. Well, I’m not writing a poetic prose about time. This is what… Continue Reading →

Interview with Venture Capitalist Krishna Kolluri

It takes a certain knack, brilliance and keen observation to be able to understand which companies would prosper and which would perish given proper funding and guidance.Not to mention a certain affability and the ability to convince the founders of… Continue Reading →

Finishing School, Beginning Life

Final year, the most important year to an Engineering student, to any UG for that matter. It’s not just about ‘graduating this year’, it’s more than that. It involves emotions, plans, expectations and many life changing decisions. Seems like everything escalated… Continue Reading →

An interview of Krish

Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi, born on  10 November, 1978, also known as Krish is an Indian film director, in the Telugu film industry. He made his directorial debut in 2008 with Gamyam starring Sharwanand, Allari Naresh, followed by Vedam in 2010 starring Allu arjun… Continue Reading →

Interview with Aneesh Jajodia

Although the meaning of ‘being awesome’ is different for different people, everyone wants to be the awesome guy. Everyone wants to do something more than the routine, something beyond convention, something ‘awesome’. But only a few, dedicated and hard working get… Continue Reading →

“My life is an open book”- An Interview with JP

Nagabhairava Jaya Prakash Narayana , (born 14 January 1956), also known as J.P, is an Indian politician. A former Physician, J.P. is a political reformer and columnist. He is the founder and the President of Lok Satta Party, and was… Continue Reading →

Interview: Vikram Aditya and his ShadeS

Music ! Music is the key to creativity. Its the universal language. It makes people from different parts of the world come together. It makes education enjoyable. Maybe that’s why we remember the poems and rhymes more than those tiring… Continue Reading →

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