Snehitha Linga

In today’s episode of Coders Decode Cooking, we have Pizza Cups! /*Inputs needed to be scanned in ingredient class */ /* an array is a cup with only one type of item*/ /* after ingredients are ready then call the… Continue Reading →

The Lip-Smacking International Mango festival

Aishwarya Gokhale

All the mango lovers out there must have definitely stacked their refrigerators with the few mangoes left at the end of the season. But there is some great news which is mouthwatering indeed. Those who never get enough of mangoes… Continue Reading →

Groove 9 Review

Snehitha Linga

Fed up with a routine brunch? Looking for fresh air and pleasant environment while sipping your favourite drink? Here is one of the best places for you: “GROOVE9”. A couple of days ago, while scrolling through my news feed, I… Continue Reading →

Experiencing The World Of Darkness

Ambica Banchode

There is one question to which I answer by thinking out loud, and finally conclude by shrugging my shoulders. This muddle is when people ask me what I do on the weekends. Well, practically, I just laze around and cannot… Continue Reading →


Nimisha Sanjay

Last summer, my elder sister was offered an internship by a company which had an office outside Hyderabad. As it was my summer break, I thought I could meet her for a week there. I was totally new to the… Continue Reading →

KARMA-We serve what you deserve

Mahitha Paluri

If you are that person who likes to enjoy their food whilst enjoying a great rooftop view, then Karma is the place for you. In this city, with lounges popping up one after the other, it becomes tough to stand… Continue Reading →

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