Think. Integrate. Evolve.

This time around, the team has marvelously shared the load of work despite stringent schedules.  Breaking tasks into sub tasks enabled us to meet our deadlines in a more effective way. While the senior team were busy with the book… Continue Reading →

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Significance of Superstition

A black cat crossed a man’s path. As he wondered what it could mean, he forgot where he was headed to. Cursing the black cat, he goes back where he came from. The only significance behind superstitions is that they… Continue Reading →

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We Turn 1!

With this very edition kMITRA marks its one year anniversary. Since its inception it garnered the affection and support of KMIT. It has charmed us with its creativity in the form of articles like the DIYs. It confronted us about… Continue Reading →

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Editor’s Note

It doesn’t even feel like September or any other month for that matter. We’re just floating through space,somewhere pretty far away from the Gargantua, or is it just me? Anyway, another month gone by. Last month was quite eventful, with… Continue Reading →

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The Man Who Ignited Many Minds

Great individuals may depart this world, but their vision will never depart with them! Our tribute doesn’t lie in how much we mourn their death, but in how far we take their dream with us. Because when great people die,… Continue Reading →

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From The Editor

The previous month in KMIT was full of co-curricular activities with students actively participating and showcasing their talents. Debates, Story telling, Product launch competitions were held and students enthusiastically participated. Improvising communication skills and reasoning abilities was the driving force for… Continue Reading →

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Houston, we have a problem. It’s 2015!

Whoosh. That’s the sound 2014 made when it passed by. Amidst two semesters, placements and the watchmen’s whistles, 2015 is already staring at us. We stumbled, dragged and sleepwalked our way through the semester exams. Like, yours truly. Then there… Continue Reading →

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Class Apart

Welcome to kMITRA, a monthly online magazine about all things KMIT and beyond. Far from being a regular college among many, KMIT has carved a niche for itself. As its students, we wanted to contribute to it while creating a… Continue Reading →

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