Hello February!

Hello readers! As we settle into 2019, it’s time to look back at all the broken resolutions and slowly come to terms with the fact that a whole month has already gone by. So welcome, February! New month, new edition…. Continue Reading →

New Year’s Greetings!

Greetings readers! The team of kMITRA wishes you all a Happy New Year! Its been a while since we last met. December has been one eventful month! The beginning of the month had students giving their examinations and completely feeling… Continue Reading →

Editorial- September 2018

To address the elephant in the room, one needs to first know what the elephant looks like. And the elephant in this edition, is Masculism. Masculism refers to the political, cultural and economic movements that advocate for the rights, equality… Continue Reading →

Editorial- August 2018

“Think. Integrate. Evolve.” is our motto, here at kMITRA. Breaking out of the established patterns, with creativity as our tool, we present, a very special edition that represents both change and hope. Working our way step-by-step, towards improving every aspect… Continue Reading →

Editorial – July 2018

With autumn entering in; July, the month of transitions, pauses at the end of summer. The crunchy leaves have turned to mush, potholes filled with rainwater, and yet the days seem longer than ever. You could either sigh with grief;… Continue Reading →

Editorial – ’17-’18 Academic Year End

Another academic year has gone by and the end semester exams are almost upon us. For some of us, these exams will be last ones we’ll be writing in our college life. The academic year 2017-18 has been one whirlwind… Continue Reading →

Editors’ Note

In 5th grade, I remember gathering for assembly, begrudging the extra half-hour of standing in class lines, clapping at some Olympiad winners being felicitated with medals. My partner turned to me and told me we should be dismissed since no… Continue Reading →

From the Editor’s Desk

Hey beautiful people! Welcome to the 30th issue of KMITRA. A month has already passed and we’re hoping you guys were able to stick with the new year resolutions that you made. And for those of you who couldn’t, we’d… Continue Reading →


Happy New Year Readers! The year, 2017 has ended. December is always an interesting month, the whole Christmas-New Year vibe is a joyous one, we tend to tick-mark all the resolutions we’ve managed to abide by and make a list… Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note

We turn three! Incidentally, we celebrate the biggest edition of kMITRA, with 28 articles and it also happens to be the 28th edition of the magazine! Before we get into the articles, do check out the art gallery we have,… Continue Reading →

Editor’s note

Dear Readers, October’s that one friend we don’t spend as much time with but is always there to listen to whatever it is we have to say. Unlike the rest of the rainy months, it began with clouds floating in,… Continue Reading →

Editor’s note

Dear readers, With this edition, we bring you a diversified agglomeration of articles by our writers which will make you  ponder, sigh, learned, excited and invigorated. In a nutshell, it’s going to be an emotional oasis! On the entertainment front,… Continue Reading →

Editor’s Note

Readers, July, a shift of the seasons towards the bluesy kind;  One best enjoyed at home, sipping on hot beverages – a joy compounded by the act of reading. “Read what?”, you ask. We have just the articles – with… Continue Reading →

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