The Lost Stars

Another year gone by. As we welcome a new beginning in 2019, we also recall all of the bittersweet memories of this last year. Letting go of the previous year’s mistakes and accepting the challenges of the present is a… Continue Reading →

Crazy New Year Traditions

According to the Oxford Dictionary, tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. A belief strongly implanted in the lifestyle of people belonging to a family, region, or an entire generation for which they are proud… Continue Reading →


Sankranti is a harvest festival widely celebrated in India. While most of us may be aware of why the festival is celebrated, here are some lesser known but great facts about the festival. Sankranti is the only Indian Hindu festival that… Continue Reading →

BTW Baba

I’m a person who can work only under stress. Before exams I procrastinate, one day before the exam I panic and don’t study. I look back and regret. How do I stayed focused? How do I motivate myself, constantly?  … Continue Reading →

BTW Baba

Q)  Already, 1st mid exams are over and my performance is below expectation. Keeping in view 2nd & 3rd mids and final exams, any extra classes are there for revision of the syllabus? Any concentration on the students getting low… Continue Reading →

BTW Baba

1) Do you think our college should have an open gate system and leave the fate of the students to themselves ? – By Anonymous A: In my view, prisons are the only places that should have gates. Colleges are just supposed… Continue Reading →

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