Narayan’s Nara

Pratish Mashankar

I live in a house bounded by four walls. Inside of whom, exist my ideas and expressions, and outside them, there are laws and rules different from what I follow inside. Precisely, within these walls lie culture: Sanskruti (my establishment)… Continue Reading →

Pink and Masculinity

Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju

In this beautiful world of ours, eyes are often considered to be the gateways to the soul and pathways to the heart. The magnificence of this world is visualized through the magic of colors. Each color is associated with significance… Continue Reading →

Real Men Don’t

Sravya Vattem

When a guy heads for the loo, he does so with a single purpose. Girls on the other hand, conduct gatherings, gossip sessions and exchange phone numbers. They enter as strangers and leave as best friends. Men and women are… Continue Reading →

The Second Sexism

Bharathaa Chandana

Discrimination is a real problem that continues to exist in the modern world. It takes place against various groups for a range of factors including race, religion, gender, income, age, disability and sexual preference. Despite many acts and movements against… Continue Reading →

Inflicted Silence

Vaishnavi Pabboju

We all are no strangers to the violence that goes on in our society, be it physical, mental or sexual in nature. Reports about rape and sexual assault are a part of every newspaper, whether or not we’d like to… Continue Reading →

Men’s Rights Movement

Nimisha Sanjay

We live in a world where every human being demands the right to equality. The banners of Feminism and Women Empowerment fight injustice, subordination of the female gender and take into account every single gender-related issue that needs attention and… Continue Reading →

Emerging Out

Nikhilesh Garnepudy

Right from childhood, we learn prejudicial attitudes, by observing stereotypical roles that this society assumes. The word “stereotype” is defined by Merriam and Webster’s online dictionary as, “to believe unfairly that all people or things with a characteristic are the… Continue Reading →

Masculinity in Anime

Bharathi Ramana Joshi

Over the years, masculinity has been associated with a diverse range of traits including assertiveness, boldness, bravery, chivalry, courage, courtesy, fearlessness, honor, independence, strength, valor, violence and virility. This association increases the likelihood of incorporating masculinity into various forms of… Continue Reading →

Animals Have Feelings Too!

Radhika Bilolikar

It was the year 2016, a mother had just given birth to eight beautiful children and her joy knew no bounds! Within a fortnight, she watched as her babies were flung across the road and how their little heads shattered… Continue Reading →

Mother on Duty

Purva Shah

Mrs Tripathi sat on the sofa after her supper. She lived alone most of the year. Her husband had died eight years ago and her son was in the Indian army. She wasn’t aware of his exact whereabouts, but she… Continue Reading →

The Trip to Nowhere

Anmol Jain

We all want to go somewhere every Summer. This summer, I, went Nowhere, where no one ever wants to go. Although people might claim that they have found themselves in the middle of nowhere at some point in their lives,… Continue Reading →

Summers – Expectations Vs Reality

Akshay Raje

Summer is all about holidays and when the holiday season comes closer, we expect it to be different and much more exciting from what we had the previous year. But, the fact is, it actually stays the same. This article… Continue Reading →

Summer Superheroes

Hasmitha Acchi

For all the Marvel geeks out there, this summer has been the most anticipated and also a little heart-breaking, to be honest. It all started with Black Panther which released in February and has become one of the highest grossing… Continue Reading →

Gunshots for Education or Tantrums over Misery?

Shivani Bhatnagar

It’s that time of the year when the bright days of summer begin to wind down which take an unfortunate toll on the younger generations as most of us struggle to go back to our respective educational institutions. As times… Continue Reading →

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