Masculinity in Anime

Bharathi Ramana Joshi

Over the years, masculinity has been associated with a diverse range of traits including assertiveness, boldness, bravery, chivalry, courage, courtesy, fearlessness, honor, independence, strength, valor, violence and virility. This association increases the likelihood of incorporating masculinity into various forms of… Continue Reading →

A wall of Memories- Saksham 2K18

Pingali Suraj

Art, in modern times, has become very essential. Today, it isn’t just a way to earn a livelihood but also a key to social change. It is effective when it is used to create awareness. Money is not what motivates… Continue Reading →

Grammys 2018 – Kendrick Lamar Part 2

Ashketh Tiwari

In my earlier article, I’d spoken about the album DAMN by Kendrick Lamar and this is a continuation of that article.  Best Rap Song, Music Video and Performance In this article I’d like to dissect the ‘Best Rap Song’ and… Continue Reading →

Grammys 2018 – Kendrick Lamar Part 1

Ashketh Tiwari

Rap music from the past decade comes off to be all about the clothes, the cars, the money, the expensive toys, the big mouths, the women and the bling. Although this notion is certainly true even till today, there comes… Continue Reading →

Gond Art

Bharathaa Chandana

Gond paintings form a mystic world that is created by dots and lines. They are a form of folk and tribal art that is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India and is predominantly centered in Madhya Pradesh,… Continue Reading →


Saba Ismail

  Falling into depths of darkness With nothing to hold upon Silent voices echoing within me I cry for help, all the way along.   Helplessly, I now lie down Pleading my soul to let me live Exasperated I have… Continue Reading →

To be a man

Vaishnavi Pabboju

                                                          “Sensibility is not a weak trait,          … Continue Reading →

Dream or not a dream?

Shreya Gandhe

    The word night sounds so dark, seems like the world is wrapped in a piece of cloth. But stars shimmering ever so brightly, sprinkled around the sky illuminating lightly. The wind humming a silent tune, forming a perfect… Continue Reading →


Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju

They are witness, Witness to the times, Which defined our existence. Brimming with bliss And embracing sorrow. Tales as old as time, Defining time itself.   Witness to days of a carefree sky, With the sun shining bright. Spent building sandcastles of emotions. Of a childhood, Watching the sun set by the beach With smiles for… Continue Reading →

DIY : The Elder Wand

Azam Ansari

Whether it be a bunny out of a hat or a flower from a stick, Magic has always fascinated us. This fascination of ours went on to become the reason for many magical tales. And one of those is the… Continue Reading →


Ritika Saboo

Anxiety is like playing hide-and-seek with ghosts of the past, and then some that you make up; (all of them you made up) like a child playing indoors what ought to be a game for two, or three, or more,… Continue Reading →

About Four Liverpudians.

Ashketh Tiwari

                          It was 1960 when the world was recovering from the magic that Elvis Presley had left before his hiatus and little did the people know that there… Continue Reading →

DIY Wall Hanging Earring Holder

Manasi Ramani

It’s autumn. My favorite season of the year. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold and if we were in countries in the west, the trees would be ornate with withering leaves in warm, earthy hues of red,… Continue Reading →

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