Your Light in the Dark

Manasi Ramani

2016 – quite the perfect year for late night shows to take a poke at, eh? Another year gone and certainly a peculiar one to say the least. Of course there were ups but the downs took the highlight. It… Continue Reading →

Decision Making

Shriram Pydimarri

Decision Making – An individual perspective      How often do we find ourselves doubtful in the decisions we take? I, for sure can’t speak for everyone but I feel the lack of conviction in many choices I make. We make… Continue Reading →

When learning German, do as the Germans do

Manasi Ramani

Halloweeeen – ‘dem scary times’ were just around the corner and since German is perhaps one of the scariest languages to hear it seems apt that there’s an article on German in this edition. (A lot of people get confused… Continue Reading →

The Ocean called Microsoft

Shriram Pydimarri

I was fortunate enough to visit Microsoft’s Redmond Headquarters during my stay in Seattle. The campus spans over 8 million square feet, providing an office space of 30,000 – 40,000 . Here’s an aerial view of the campus at One Microsoft Way, Redmond. But that’s… Continue Reading →

The Mad Race That They Call Life

Way Ch

Hey, this is Way and I hope all those reading this article are doing good. It’s been almost a year or so since I’ve written my last article for the college magazine that I dearly loved. I don’t know how… Continue Reading →

Importance of Media in Society

Way Ch

Throughout the modern history, revolutions have been mainly achieved by popular uprisings. These uprisings have been lead by two active parts of society – media and students. These two form a lethal combo – they can make empires tremble and… Continue Reading →

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