Types of Kmitians This Summer

Shreya Gandhe

Letting go of the scorching summer heat and embracing monsoon with open hands, the teens are yet to start another academic year. Some eager, some bored, some filled with anticipation and others with dread to say goodbye to their freedom…. Continue Reading →

Culinary For A Change

Bharathaa Chandana

Anyone can cook. In Neil Sir’s words, “Everyone should know how to cook, baba! Life skill hai” Not did they just mean it, they implemented it and yes, Batch of 2021 is the first to have a cooking course in… Continue Reading →

Women’s Day Exclusive

Lasya Priya

Behind every one of their kind eyes is a story of family, careers, struggles and, most importantly, sacrifice. Leading up to Women’s Day, we talk to some of the tireless women responsible for KMIT’s growth and success every single day…. Continue Reading →

Hackadrone 2018 – KMIT’s Incontrovertible Victory

Mohak Aurangabadkar and Azam Ansari

Hackadrone 2018 – India’s first UAV Hackathon – which took place from February 5-9 received close to 4500 registrations and a total of 617 proposals. Seven teams that included college students, tech professionals, and developers from across India were selected… Continue Reading →

An Evening Well Spent- KMIT Evening

Snehitha Linga

KMIT finally had its wonderful evening on 17th February, the first major event of 2018. This was the first time KMIT Evening was entirely organized by the students. What’s so special about this year’s Evening? How was it celebrated?  Let’s… Continue Reading →

Soaring the skies, happiness and kites

Lasya Priya

Sankranthi is the festival of harvest. Many people harvest crops but everybody harvests happiness. So is the case with KMIT. Every year, we celebrate Patangotsav before Sankranthi. This time was no different. We celebrated Patangotsav on the 12th of January… Continue Reading →

Our Tribute to the Tiranga

Pratish Mashankar

On 26th January 2018, India celebrated its 69th Republic Day. It was today when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950, replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India. While people from Kashmir to… Continue Reading →

Salesforce Workshop ’18 – A Lesson in CRM

Mohak Aurangabadkar

Every computer science engineer worth their salt knows that in the ever-competitive IT industry, in order to stay relevant, learning constantly is of paramount importance. In view of this, KMIT always strives to leave no stone unturned in making sure… Continue Reading →

Entry of the winner of the poetry contest

Swathi Gupta

We held our first ever poetry competition in college and got a decent response. As promised, the winner poem is being featured in KMITRA’s anniversary edition! Congratulations, Swathi! Shout out to Pratish for writing on a sensitive issue. Thank you… Continue Reading →

Art Event ’17

Ashketh Tiwari and Meeta Kapoor

Meeta: I adored the melodious voices and enthusiasm of dancers and singers on the KMIT evening. I was enthralled by the performance of my mates at the debate and various literary activities held at college. But I’d always longed for… Continue Reading →

A Deed Well Done – Charity ’17

Ritika Saboo

On 13th October, KMIT celebrated its 10th anniversary with a day-long fest on our beautiful green campus. Even as it evolves, KMIT’s purpose remains the same: to nurture talent and foster initiative among the youth of today. As KMIT marked 10 years,… Continue Reading →

Celebrations in the air and celebrations everywhere!!

The Team

Time does fly by. KMIT is 10 years old already! Soon, it’ll be its 20th birthday we’ll celebrate and next the 30th and on and on it goes. No matter how many decades go by, KMIT Diwas, KMIT’s tin celebrations,… Continue Reading →

Around the Spotlight

Sruthi Gadam and Lasya Priya

The little one is ten years old already. Growing steadily every day, today, it stands tall and confident on its own legs, towering over most others, as everyone watches on with pride. It’s not without help though. Ever since the… Continue Reading →


Anmol Jain

On the 16th of August this year, KMIT witnessed what was probably one of its kind in its history so far. Our college has always been known for the evergreen aura that it provides to all of us, giving us… Continue Reading →

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