Meeta Kapoor

Kmitra is much more than writing, hence here I am, trying to make the best of my abilities and doing stuff I never thought I was capable of. Anything related to art and Roller Hockey fascinates me. I am just any other crazy hustler, trying to get a lot of things done at once. I crave for adventures and absolutely love to travel. Coffee is my key to everything.

Madhurima Natcharaju

Living crazily in this crazy world where not being crazy is crazy! Writer, developer and professional procrastinator. Did someone say coffee?

Mahitha Paluri

This is the Food Enthusiast of kMitra(atleast I'd like to call myself that cuz it's fancy). I like to review places where I eat, write what I cook and do DIY stuff . My interests are cooking, food and eating cooked food.

Nimisha Sanjay

A twenty year old with a good interest in traveling, discovering and a flair for writing. I love sharing my perspective on things and you'd find me do so with utmost honesty and a bit of humor (I think). I look forward to new days and pick up a little something from everything, trying to make every incident an experience.

Ritika Saboo

A creature of the night, I'm always on the hunt for stirring poetry and compelling long-form journalism: thus of the belief that words have the power to heal and challenge.

Akhil Anand Samudrala

From an early age I've been deeply interested in knowing how things work. This inquisitiveness has manifested in me, a strong passion for learning and experiencing as much as I can. In my 3 years with kMITRA, I have gone from being a photographer to an editor. I'm fascinated by humans and the level of variance among them. We're all so different, yet the same. 🙂

B. Hasmitha

I'm Hasmitha, a core-writer at kMITRA, and a Book enthusiast. My articles mostly include short fictions, Book/Movie reviews, and poetry.

When I'm not writing or reading, you can find me watching animé too.

Abhijith Gupta

Hey this is Abhijith and a member of kmitra.

I am a tech reviewer and I love new technologies and sciences.

Big fan of unbox therapy, MKBHD, and Demolition Ranch ( Youtubers)

Anmol Jain

I am a life form evolved to live off movies, comics, video games and snark. Sadly, I will never be a Ghostbuster when I grow up. I am very gucky.

Azam Ansari

State of the art humanoid technology. call for food anytime. usual interests include music, T.V. Series, anime, art. Unusual interests include llamas. Say hi if you see me, but I'd probably just stare at you uncomfortably.

Fav. Avenger: Thor

Fav. Quote: ""Billions and Billions"" ~Trump

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