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The Curse Of Mediocrity

Imagine a blazing marketplace, a tiny part of society. In this marketplace wanders our idealist, an individual yearning to have the glistening, gourmet masterpiece of a cheeseburger – a symbol of the perfect life advertised on billboards across the city,… Continue Reading →

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The Millionaire Dream

Growing up in a middle-class family, my biggest dream has always been to make lots of money and show my parents how grateful I am. I wanted to work hard, stand on my own, and take away all the financial… Continue Reading →

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The Moirai and The Tapestry of Life

In the beginning of the universe, before there were stars in the sky, there was Chaos. Chaos was the primaeval void. To Chaos we were born, and to Chaos we will return. From Chaos emerged Erebos (Darkness), Gaea (Earth), Tartarus… Continue Reading →

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The Price of Conflict and the Weight of Sin

Trigger Warning: The following article is purely functional and contains potentially disturbing information about bloodshed and violent imagery. Reader discretion is advised. “The war’s finally over.”, A weary smile, though wide enough, couldn’t hide the toll it had taken on… Continue Reading →

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Numaish and Nostalgia

Bright neon lights, a crowd so heavy that you don’t have to move your legs to go forward, the crowd does it for you. Echoes of “Lasa Lamsa Chaaaiiii” follow you as you bustle around, trying to find a quiet… Continue Reading →

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Seven Shades of Brown

Living like a nomad, through the rivers, Wandering through the wilds, wondering where to go. As I look beneath the cold blanket of snow, Is it the rustic wood waiting to show?   Gazing into the distance, far up the… Continue Reading →

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Authentic food: more than just ingredients

During my childhood, I eagerly looked forward to my visits to my grandparents’ house, longing for the dosa  my grandmother used to make from rice flour. Her cooking had a certain enchantment to it. Despite trying the same dish at… Continue Reading →

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Deciphering Norman’s Mind

SPOILER ALERT: The following article includes spoilers for the movie “Psycho (1960)”. TRIGGER WARNING: Psycho has been widely recognized for its violence and disturbing themes. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho is based on a book written by Robert Bloch that… Continue Reading →

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A Tribute to ICE Cars

The European Union has announced plans to prohibit the sale of combustion engines, which generate power by burning fuel, by 2035. This move signals a significant shift in the automotive industry and the end of an era for one of… Continue Reading →

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Editorial – Reboot Edition

Welcome to our first edition of 2024, where we embrace the absence of a theme and where our writers have explored a wide range of topics, each piece a unique expression of creativity. From musings to poetry to philosophies, every… Continue Reading →

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Memology – A Brief Peek Into the History of Memes

meme /miːm/ noun: meme; plural noun: memes an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. “celebrity gossip and memes often originate on the site”… Continue Reading →

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It has been a year since I joined kMITRA, a platform I never thought I would be a part of. As a developer and designer, I never imagined that I would also be writing an article.   I can still… Continue Reading →

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Why is love different from other emotions?

Our emotional landscape, with its peaks and valleys, forms the terrain on which we navigate life, influencing our decisions and colouring our experiences. Love is one such emotion that plays a significant role in experiencing life. In society, love is… Continue Reading →

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Woke Culture: from ally to annoyance

We’ve all seen memes, online debates, and roasts, and maybe even used this term in our discussions – “Woke Culture”. Ever wondered what exactly it is? According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Woke Culture refers to the social and political movement of… Continue Reading →

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All Eyes Off Her

My name is Lord Sirius X, son of the late Sir Sirius IX. The only thing we take more seriously than Taylor Swift’s lyrics in this family is celibacy.   Things haven’t always been so celibate-centric in our family. Believe… Continue Reading →

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Psychos on duty

Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic depictions of murder and characters with psychotic behavior. Viewer discretion is advised.   Psychos on Duty “You reckon blood makes the shape of a hibiscus if you cut the left common carotid artery,” asked… Continue Reading →

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Editorial – AI Edition

kMITRA : Hey, our new edition is going to be the AI Edition, so could you please generate a gist of articles covering various topics and subtopics of AI,  personalized for each of our writers and their writing styles? Also,… Continue Reading →

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The Journey of a Thousand Words

Finally, we bid a heartfelt farewell to the graduating batch of 2023, who have been an integral part of kMITRA’s success. The team crafted a touching tribute, reminiscing about the milestones, memories, and the invaluable contributions made by these talented individuals. It serves as a reminder that their influence will forever be cherished within kMITRA’s history.

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